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Common questions about bearded dragons

Do bearded dragons eat live food?

Yes, it is staple in their diet.

How many bearded dragons should I get?

One, unless you are prepared to split them up when they are older and keep them seperatly.

What do bearded dragons eat?

They eat live insects such as crickets and hoppers, and must be provided a mixture of vegetables, salad and fruit on a daily basis. for more information on feeding your bearded dragon.

How much should I feed my bearded dragon?

Feed your dragon a mixture of vegetables, salad and fruit on a daily basis. For juveniles feed them live food twice per day, and for adults 2 or 3 times per week.

Why does my dragon keep running away from me?

They may not be used to being handled just yet, ensure you move slowly and continue trying to handle your beaded dragon on a daily basis. Do not grab your dragon, slide them onto your hand. Try coach them onto your hand with some live food.

Why is my dragon sleeping all the time?

There could be many reasons for this. Ensure you check they are getting the right heating and the uvb light is not over 6 months old. If your beardy is an adult and it's getting closer to winter they could be brumating - this is nothing to worry about. If you suspect something is wrong - consult your reptile vet.

How long does a bearded dragon live for?

In captivity between 7 - 10 years on average, but many owners have them from 12 - 15 years, it all depends. In the wild between 4 and 8 years.

What temperature for a bearded dragon?

Basking spot temperature - between 40.5 degrees Celsius (105F) and 43.5 degrees Celsius (110 F)

Cool end - between 23.5 degrees Celsius (75F) and 29.5 degrees Celsius (85 F)

for more information on how to obtain these temperatures

What uvb light should I get for a bearded dragon?

Preferably a UVB fluorescent tube which spans the length of the vivarium.

What substrate should I use?

Preferably tiles, slate or sandstone slabs mixed with sand. here for a more detailed answer about bearded dragon vivarium substrate.

My dragon is lethargic what should I do?

I suggest you take a fecal sample to your local reptile vets if they dont improve. If they are impacted or have an illness it's not worth risking their health, things may only get worse.

How much work are bearded dragons?

Not a lot, they require food on a daily basis, live food twice a day when they are babies/juveniles. You should spot clean their vivarium daily and clean them out properly each month.

for more information on bearded dragon care

How often should I clean my bearded dragon enclosure/vivarium?

You should spot check daily ensuring poop, salad and insect parts are removed from the enclosure. You should clean the interior of the vivarium once a month or so, and substrate should be replaced periodically.

Are bearded dragons safe around children?

Yes. Bearded dragons make great family pets, so long as you actively engage with your bearded dragon regularly they will become tame.

Will my bearded dragon bite me?

A bearded dragon will not bite unless your doing something very wrong. If you seriously threaten a bearded dragon it may bite. My bearded dragon and many many others have never bitten anyone as they tend to run away.

Should wash and bath my bearded dragon?

Assuming they are tame and happy to be handled, yes! Bath them with warm water not so deep they could get into trouble but Bearded dragons can and do enjoy swimming.

Can I let my bearded dragon out?

Yes, they love to explore. Try block off any small holes as they will find them and you don't want them to get stuck.

Do I need a hide for my bearded dragon?

Bearded dragons do not need hides. Feel free to let them hide behind something from your view but it's a good idea to ensure all parts of your vivarium receive UVB light so they stay healthy.