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Bearded Dragon

bearded-dragon basking

Pogona Vitticeps, otherwise known as Bearded Dragons, are one of the most popular exotic pets in the UK. They are easy to care for, easy to handle, can become very tame and are intriguing to watch.

Bearded dragons are omnivorous and in captivity, they eat a mixture of fruit, vegetables, salad and live food. A male bearded dragon can grow to around 24" (60cm) in length, and their lifespan in captivity is around 10 years.

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Gecko Lizard

crested gecko on rock

Geckos are lizards which originate from many warm climates around the world such as Pakistan, Afghanistan and North-Western India. The name gecko was formed from the Indonesian word 'gēkoq' (gekok) and is based upon the unique chirping noises they make as they interact with other geckos.

Gecko lizards belong to an infraorder called Gekkota which divides into seven different families - within these families there over a thousand species of gecko. Each family has different traits, for example the Eublepharidae family to which the leopard gecko (Eublepharis macularius) belongs. Unlike other geckos, Eublepharids have eyelids which makes them unique among geckos - they also have no sticky pads on their feet.

Geckos tend to be small to average sized lizards and there are over 1000 different species - some of which can be handled and make great pets. The most popular gecko species for both beginner and experienced reptile keepers is the leopard gecko - although there are many different species such as the crested gecko and the day gecko which are also kept as pets.

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Leopard Gecko

leopard gecko on log

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Madagascar Giant Day Gecko

madagascar day gecko close up

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